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When you fall in Sh*t, you get up, wash it and move ahead.

"When you fall in Sh*t, you get up, wash it and move ahead. You don't carry along." Krish said.

I was floored when I heard this from Krish. I still remember my first meeting with him a few months back.

Krish was without a job for six months then, way before the COVID hit the world. He was at the verge of a breakdown. He had no idea what was needed to be done.

Six months went in the never-ending wait where he was expecting all pieces of the puzzle to fall in line. The wait for "Once I will get a job, I will do A, B, C and so on." That wait for a "Perfect Timing".

After the initial resistance, he took #ownership of his life and demonstrated #accountability in coming out of the situation. From "Why Me" he shifted to "How Can I?"

The next few months, he focused on actions. And now, he doesn't have a single minute which is not planned and structured.

Krish is launching his venture on Oct 1, 2020. He has a dream to achieve, a hunger to succeed and will to give the best.

You see him, and you see hope and possibilities in his eyes.

Commercial success or not, but for me, Krish is a winner.

He too needs to believe in it.

Don't you think Krish is already a winner?

What is that one thing you are you going to tell Krish?

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