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Where you spend your time defines what you value.

He: Everything is excellent except for organizational communication. It is poor.

Me: Yes, communication binds the organisation together.

He: So what should I do?

Me: Why do you want to do something around it?

He: Because everybody does.

Me: By the way, how is business?

He: Very good, while we had our set of challenges, we are well ahead of the plan by 29.3%, year till date.

Me: Good. So you planned for the numbers and had acted, or it happened by chance?

He: Planned and acted, how else would we move forward when we don't know where to reach?

Me: That makes sense. So what was your plan around communication? How many hours a week did you block on your calendar around it?

(After a pause)

He: I did not have a plan.

Me: And you were expecting results?

He: Have been doing something, I guess. Will have our goals set on and have an action plan. Can I reach out to you for the right ideas?

Me: Don't worry about the right ideas. Give it the due importance, and you will see results.


Think about Health, Wealth, Relationships, Career, Personal Growth, Recreation, Friends & Family.

The areas you are not doing well, ask how much time do you spend around it, every day. You will have your answers.


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