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While I was busy with my excuses, the world kept on progressing.

"What is the best time to shift industries?" Krish Asked.

Having spent ten years in marketing in the banking space, Krish has been exploring new opportunities.

Me: So how is the job search going?

Krish: Had some interview conversations but with no conversions. Maybe I should change my industry. When is the best time to change an industry?

Me: Depends on why do you want to change?

Krish: Get new exposure and perspectives. My current industry has stagnated.

Me: Can you define this new exposure and perspective?

Krish goes silent.

Me: How sure are you about your current industry stagnation?

Krish: I am not growing; I am not getting any growth.

Me: Are you using the Industry stagnation to justify your stagnation?




Krish: Perhaps.

Me: Did you invest enough in your career?

Krish: Yes, I worked hard.

Me: Time and money investment?

Krish: My company promised, but it got deferred.


I used to blame my bosses, my organizations, the industry for my stagnation—everything that was beyond my circle of influence.

What I got in return were excuses to myself, justifying why my career was not moving well because of external factors.

While I was busy with my excuses, the world kept on progressing. It never waits.

Are you only dependent on your org to invest in you?


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