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Who do you count in your strengths?

He always used to ask, are you using all your strength?

I would go back thinking I need to do more, so I would put more effort into the project.

An incredible boss who would push his team beyond their mental limit at work. He would push his team beyond their #comfortzones.

What empowered his team was the fact that he would have these conversations one on one and not in a group.

I was working on a challenging assignment, and the project required me to put all my strengths to make it a success.

In the review meetings for this project, he would nudge me saying, are you sure you are using all your strengths?

After 3 or 4 times, I finally said, "Yes, Boss, I have used it all."

I could not think of anything significant I was missing.

He said, "No, you have not."

I asked him, "What am I missing?"

He said, "Ketan, this is something I always want you to remember."

"We ignore our managers, colleagues, stakeholders and work network while counting our strength. We tend to focus too much on ourselves."

"What else is a team, workplace network or a manager for, if we can't come together and play to everyone's strengths?"

I did not have anything to say.


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