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Why do you see more of the car you just bought?

Have you ever bought a car or a two-wheeler?

Do you suddenly see more of that on the road?

I asked Krish.

Krish nodded with affirmation.

He has no idea how this was relevant to the conversation we were having, but he found this to be accurate and interesting.

We have been in discussion around things that are not working for him at his workplace.

There are quite a lot of issues and they seem to be only increasing.

Krish has to make of choice if he wishes to stay here or move on.

We came back to the conversation on the cars.

Kr: I see even more of the same colour.

Me: What do you think happens? Do the sales of the vehicles go up overnight?

Kr: I don't think so.

Me: Why do you start seeing more of it?

Kr: Maybe because I am focusing on it? Am I searching more of it?

Me: What we focus on grows and a lot of it is subconscious.

Me: So for your workplace issues, if you see problems mostly, what is happening?

Kr: I guess I am focusing on the issues more, hence seeing more of them.

Me: Good! What do you want to do?

Kr: Focus on things that are working and give it a shot before making a choice.

"What you focus on grows, so chose what to focus on."


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