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Work From Home Idea #1 - Daily routine

The world is up against a common enemy, and the human race is at war against covid19.

Many stories depict how coming together in such times helps the human race sail through in tough times, together.

While such stories have heroes, in real life we all have to play that role of hero, for self and people around us.

A lot during these times would be beyond our circle of influence and would take the time it has to; it is crucial to stay energised, focused and connected. We have to stay in control of our lives.

Unless you are not in one of those warrior roles which require you to be in the field during such crisis to let the nation and your company running, you may have already been at home or maybe at home soon, isolated physically.

Here is my first idea:

Do not change your daily routine by more than 20%.

It is easy to let go of your daily routine and get in a comfort zone. Don't make those habits you have formed over time go away. You have to tell your brain that you are in control of your life. Find alternates.

Last week my kid asked me why I was wearing "Office Clothes" when working from home?

With a smile, I said, so that I don't feel different 😀


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