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Work From Home - Idea #10 - Actionability

The #1 idea - Retaining your daily routine

The #2 idea - Human Connect

The #3 idea - Building a new habit

The #4 idea - Self-check-in - personal goal

The #5 idea - Self-assessment - professional goals

The #6 idea - Relax, break the monotony

The #7 idea - Find your power shots

The #8 idea - Improve your learnability quotient

The #9 idea - Invest in your awareness

#10 is the final idea of this series. Simple yet powerful.

No progress happens unless there is action.

I have shared #9 ideas over the past few days. I know 99% of people would promise to themselves to start soon. Just that never-ending wait for that perfect timing for everything to fall in place is what a lot of people are waiting for.

I know because I have been. Had it not been my coach, I would not have moved an inch. Not that I act 100% times, but I do take action more than ever, leading to eXtraordinary results.

How else do you think someone like me who has been thinking of writing a book for ages made it a reality over the past five months?

#10 idea is about Actionability


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