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Work From Home Idea #2 - Human Connect

In my the last post, I shared my first Idea on work from home. I discussed the importance of discipline.

Idea #2 for WFH - Human Connect!

Call five people today for at least 5 minutes and just speak to them. Spread the call during the day!

While I know, digital messages work, but the power of human connect is beyond imagination.

And keep doing this for the period you have to be working from home.

Imagine you been able to connect to 50 people over the next ten days, wouldn't that be amazing?

These could be people in your current close circle or were in your close circle in the past or someone whom you have not spoken in recent times.

I am sure most of us have at least 1000 contacts on our phones.

We all need to know that we are being cared and tell each other that we care.

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