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Work From Home Idea #3 - Build a New Habit

The #1 idea Importance of sticking to your daily routine to a minimum of 80%.

The #2 idea is on Human Connect. Calling five people for 5 minutes every day, for the next ten days.

The # 3 idea comes from my life experience where suddenly one day I did not have an office to go; I had lost my job.

It was not easy, but with time I accepted these. I was mentally prepared that the new job would take anything between three to six months.

Apart from financial management, managing the time and keeping myself energised was important.

There were three things I always wanted to do.

  • First, workout and meditation.

  • Second, reading books.

  • Third, building a network.

I had been delaying these by giving myself the excuse of not having enough time. And now, I had all the time in the world.

Pushed myself, did well on the workout and exercise part, it's been four years that I still carry these habits. My day is not complete without these two.

Now that you are saving the commute time, commit to that one habit, you have been delaying with the excuse of time.

Start today. Start small, but start today.


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