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Work From Home Idea #4 - Resolutions

The #1 idea - critical to retain your daily routine to a minimum of 80%

The #2 idea - Calling 5 people for 5 minutes every day for the next 10 days.

The #3 idea - Build a new habit, start small but start today.

The #4 idea is around self-check-in on that new year goal or resolution for 2020.

With three months gone, where do you stand?

As per research, 80% of the resolutions or personal goals fail within the first ten days.

The top two reasons being lack purpose (motivation), and poorly crafted goals.

You still have nine months of this year ahead of you.

  1. Revive it if it's dead

  2. Re-energise it if it's behind schedule

  3. Reform it if it needs to change

  4. Redefine and set a new one

90% of people would not take action today; they will tell themselves that I will get back to this after everything is fine and if I have time.

Remember, unless you define where you want to reach, you would never reach there.

#4 is about making that resolution work.

I have a format that works every single fact if you follow the steps. That is the first chapter of my action book eXtraordinary.

Download this activity sheet at


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