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Working From Home - Idea #5 - Self Assessment

The #1 idea - Retaining your daily routine

The #2 idea - Human Connect

The #3 idea - Building a new habit

The #4 idea - Self-check-in on your personal goal.

The #5 idea comes from my experience on the power of self-assessment. I have always believed in the power of "Ownership with the Learner".

The Coronavirus has already impacted the global economy and India would not be very different. This could mean a delay in key processes like performance discussions and a potential impact on the timing and quantum of rewards which are Increments and Bonus.

Every challenge also throws an opportunity, and this is the time for you as an individual to experience the power of self-assessment and practice it.

Rather than waiting for someone else to trigger an email for you to start the process, why don't you start the work on self-assessment for the year gone by?

#5 is about you taking ownership of your growth and development.

End of the day, it is your career.

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