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Working From Home - Idea #6 - Relax!

The #1 idea - Retaining your daily routine

The #2 idea - Human Connect

The #3 idea - Building a new habit

The #4 idea - Self-check-in on your personal goal.

The #5 idea - Power of self-assessment - Ownership with the Learner.

The #6 Idea, just sit back and relax.

Don't workout, forget cleaning the house, dress shabbily, switch on your favourite channel, indulge in binge-watching, don't die following your daily discipline today.

Break the monotony.

While these things could have been done on Saturday or Sunday, right now every day is similar, so why not a Friday this time for a lazy day!

But do manage your work unless you can convince you boss also to relax today.

Don't take life too seriously every time 😀


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