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Working From Home - Idea #7 - Power Shots

The #1 idea - Retaining your daily routine

The #2 idea - Human Connect

The #3 idea - Building a new habit

The #4 idea - Self-check-in on your personal goal

The #5 idea - Self-assessment of your professional goals

The #6 idea - Sit back and relax, break the monotony

The #7 idea is what I pick up from my kids. Both of them have been home post this lockdown. They are soon getting into their summer vacations, so extended vacation days for them.

They enjoy vacation days as much as they do the school days.

They exhibit the same level of energy, passion, involvement, excitement and happiness every day, every moment.

Ever wondered why?

Do they have more energy than us?

What do they do differently?

It's not physical; it's is mental.

If you have heard of the concept of the flow, kids keep on recharging their day with things that they love doing. These are the moments when time stops for them—possibly the best form of mindfulness if you think of it.

Idea #7 is to identify and do things that get you into the zone of FLOW. What better time to find them and add to your daily life? I call them Powershots


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