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Would you have paid for it?

We reached out to him multiple times; we wanted him to sign off on the trip.

For a product launch, a prominent organisation had invited two people from our company to an international destination for a four day fully paid event.

Being a small organisation ourself, this was a significant opportunity.

We had met this organisation a few times and have been exploring business partnerships.

Simple maths and this was an experience worth a few lakhs that they were passing. People from our organisation were keen to experience it.

We have been trying to convince our top boss that it is a great value coming at a zero cost.

But our top boss was not in agreement. We somehow managed to get his time on this.

His question was lifelong learning for me.

He asked, "Would you guys have attended this event if it was a paid one and if this meant you taking off from your personal time?"

The answer was no, for both parts. I got a yardstick to value my time and resources that day.

When the World is offering everything free right now digitally, it gets overwhelming many times.

When in a dilemma, ask this question to yourself. You will have your answers.

Would you spend money and personal time to use that service if it was a paid one.

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