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You can always come back later, but you won’t get this shot again !

I come from a small town, an #ordinary guy with #extraordinary dreams. Was fortunate to have a good school that just opened up in my town and my 10th education was taken care of. Else most kids would have to leave for another city very early even for primary education, including my elder brother.

After 10th, had to decide what next and with a bunch of friends landed in #Ranchi, got through a good school. #Ranchi used to be the destination for #engineering and #medical aspirants.

While I left my town as a Lion, within a week of staying away from family, amongst strangers and with no home food in the PG, I was about to break down.

Called my father, gave him all excuses why this place was not good for my development. Dad being dad, figured out what I was going through and threw a question that I use as a guide even today.

He said, “Son, you can come back home anytime between today to next two years remember I am there, but if you leave now, you would never know what you will miss, you can’t come back here again”

Made sense, that comfort of knowing he was there with me if I fall was empowering. Stayed back and had one of the most incredible experiences in those 2 years!


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