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You can't build a business with excuses.

As an HR Practioner, I have worked with a lot of outstanding business leaders—people who have built successful businesses.

The sales business is people intense. Right people at the right time is critical.

Staffing is an essential point in sales org reviews. And with the war of talent, this has invited hard discussions.

One of my business heads would ask his business team on the hiring status, rather than HR.

This was a surprise change; I wanted to get his perspective.

He shared what he learnt from his boss. Here is it between him and me.

He: Ketan, Who is responsible for business growth?

Me: You

He: Who is responsible for business strategy?

Me: You

He: Who gets rewarded the most when the business does well?

Me: You

He: And who bears the maximum consequences if the business is not doing well?

Me: You

Me: So who should be responsible and accountable for team building?

Me: You!

He: The day I see hiring to be only your problem to solve; this will fail, things will fall between the cracks. You can't build a business with excuses.

This is what makes accountability so powerful. Ask this question every time you see the problem to be external:

What could I have done differently to not land in this situation?

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