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You can't clear your graduation with the course material of tenth!

Krish has been in the corporate for quite some time. These 14 years have come with its share of ups and downs. Krish has grown well with time.

He has worked good brands, and it has helped him gather the much-needed exposure.

But something has been a miss; something has been making things incomplete for him.

There has been good growth on the career side, but there has been perhaps a vacuum in the space of personal growth.

Did he wonder if these two were interlinked?

He realised that the last he had invested in his personal growth was six years back. It is a very long period.

The book which I am reading now, "What got you here will not take you there" has a part that resonates so well with this situation.

As you move up, the thing that will matter is how are you evolving as people leaders.

You would not have reached your current position without functional competencies anyway.

Krish decided to take action and committed to investing in himself.

  • He enrolled for two courses.

  • He took his first step.

  • He is committed to becoming a better version of himself.

What would you start today? What would be that one step today you will take into your future?

You can't clear your graduation with the course material of tenth!

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