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You will never be fully ready!

Krish is sensing a lack of direction and eagerly waiting for his new manager to join.

His last manager Mary moved on a month back. Due to COVID, his organisation wants to give sometime before the hiring of a new person.

Krish has a lot of ideas to run with, but he is holding himself back; he wants the new manager to come on board soon.

As a coach, I had one questions for Krish.

"Krish, what is stopping you from taking a portion or full of your manager's role and moving up?"

Krish, like many others, thinks he is not ready.

Here are four things that I have learned over the years.

  • You will never be fully ready for a next-level role; there is no perfect moment.

  • Opportunities would not wait for your readiness to knock at your doors; don't miss the big ones that come your way.

  • Unless you go out and play the game, you would never know what it takes to play.

  • Start believing and behaving as if you are already in your next role; even before a formal transition. People should see you ready for that position.

My professional growth maximised every time I captured some of the space created by the exit of my boss.

Keep you learnability quotient high if you wish to grow well.


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