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Your Choices Determine Who You Become.

I was in an event, and my phone rang continuously. I did not take the call or respond to him; I thought I would return the call once I am done. But this skipped my mind, and I never called back.

A few days later, I get a call back from him. He mentioned that he was calling me to get my views as he was indecisive on something that came up. He had picked up a new job, and just a few days in the new role, he was offered to relocate to a new city with higher responsibilities. But since I was not available, he took a decision. Somewhere, deep down, he wanted validation from me, a confirmation, kind of approval. We all look for validation for our decisions from people that we trust. I have done that and still do it at times. Somewhere, my unavailability helped because he made a decision. For once, I was happy about not being available. It doesn't matter if the decision is right or wrong; what matters is making choices because they shape our lives. Take ownership of where you are in life and make choices about which direction you want to move in life. Take ownership of becoming extraordinary. #milliondollaremployee #ketankrishna #extraordinary


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