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Your stress will not influence results, but you can control how you deal with stress!

I will restart my workouts when this tough period is over."

This is what she said when I asked her how her progress on health was.

Because of uncontrollable factors, her stress levels were up. She was doing whatever it took to manage the situation—part and parcel of life, especially for entrepreneurs.

For her, the situation was far more difficult because the problem for her was unprecedented and unpredictable.

In such a situation, our appetite to take risk goes down, our focus on the more significant problems intensifies, and our priorities are sharper than ever before.

But why do the mistake of ignoring stuff which keeps us going?

  • Before a long drive, we always fuel your car.

  • Before a long workday, we charge your phone and laptop.

  • Before a sports event in the sun, we hydrated ourselves well.

Then why stop things which keeps your stress under check. We all know that we are most productive when we are least stressed.

Your stress will not influence results which are not in your control, but you can control how you deal with the stress.


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